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Cook Book

Welcome to my world of delectable and most exotic cuisine from Persia.


Get ready to cook up sensuous feasts that will give life to your table and astound your family and friends. With these mouthwatering and flavorful dishes you will savor and cherish the beautiful moments that you will create from Laleh’s Table to yours. 132 pages... sold through our Print On Demand Publisher!

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Recipes For Your World From Around The Globe

     The latest Laleh’s Table “Recipes For Your World From Around The Globe,” brings you delectable cuisine from around the world to your table. 

   Pleasant textures mixed with luscious and scrumptious flavors, Laleh’s Table gives you just a taste of the worlds’ cultural cuisine all in one book. Indulge in this gastronomic journey with me and we will explore the hidden treasures and enchanting cuisines of our beautiful planet.

    We will learn a bit about each culture and familiarize ourselves with the charming and wonderful history of each recipe.

Welcome to my world of undeniable passion for the art of world cuisine. 

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